this red maybe is red wine in my vessels instead of blood a glass by every breath in a glass by every breath out



There are days, tomorrows which are made to show you all you wondered around yesterday was false.


what is that struggle when I have lines I want to break into them and when I break into them I begin drawing lines.

The cleaning lady

“Artists are not ordinated, they are usually messy because they have other things in their heads. Those who are super clean and organised, are primitive, without any strong interest.“ Thw apartment was a total mess the whole week, you could swimg in the mass of clothes, empty bottles, used tea bags, Patricks socks and books …

A man with crystall thoughts

In a city with no hills his existence gives me perspective. his thoughts pass by and cleanse themselves not so often he shares them with me with refiend words he has been searching for over minutes i hear them, by the moment they reach my ears they sound like little crystal balls.


It is taking me a lot of cash to know that I don’t need to own things,  I don’t need to own much. It is taking me a lot of people, to know that not every soul, would feel every song. a lot of flights to know that I don’t need to stay, I don’t …