pregnant in myself

It has been thirty-one years of me not being born yet.


Do it all proud.


I hold my breath and I tame my eyes so they only stare at the most meaningless piece of metal in a random corner I am sweating of anxiety experiencing no love for humanity people look like they have been tortured for centuries and they are all sick of their own self heading to places …


I am still happy I dont have to go to school every day. wake up 5 in the morning in panic of missing the school bus, having to say hi to all those sleepy kids and the trusworthy driver who never said a word. feeling hated by 7 a.m already. injecting math pills into my …

grey hair

I look at myself in the mirror some grey hair then i see my own eyes shining like they have been scared of something and they are not anymore.


these days are not really my earth days I want to spend them somewhere on the moon saturn or maybe venus if not just sitting in this cafe corner hiding from people out there.


I used to write in a language which only people could understand. they scared me... eversince I write and I always erase


یک چیز شبیه موجی پریشان درون من است که من را هل می دهد می کشاند به هر جایی که آن جا نیستم که من را همين طور  بی تاب می خواهد  با پریشانی ام انگار آرام تر می شود چیزی از جنس آب نه آب روان که بهانه ای برای قرارت باشد موج کوبنده …