The way I write

the way I dance

it shows how I have not seen enough

I have not read enough

فصل بندي

تابستوناش وحشي

زمستوناش وحشي

سرماش غريبه، خشك، توصي

آدماش كم رنگ

بي روح


منم بي نقش، بي نيرو

نشستم گوشه ي فرشي

خانه ام طغيان بي نظمي

نگاهم بي تقاوت

هاله ام بي رنگ وبي مايه

دلم زخمي


Some people talk to the moon

some talk to themselves

few dare to be Schizophrenic

The rest?

I think they are just fine with lying.

I don’t like you november

The closest to you

is not your mother

not your lover

and do not even try to choose one of your friends.

the closest to you

is that voice

that talk to you from nowhere

and you tell her all the truth

the closest to you does not breath

does not have experiences, or lives a life

but it dies, a second after you die.

fall has began

I do not follow anyone

any way

I get inspired by their vision to events

by how they intuitively react to them

by how they express

but I never feel like following them as a whole.

Or stepping into a certain path.

I rather live from within

and see what happens.


Why are our intellectuals

so against and hateful about pop culture,

pop music, pop subjects or anything “mainstream”

If they really care about seeing the change in the world?

pop cultures has to be under our focus

we have to watch it, care about it, shape it.

It is going to tell our story as a whole generation to future.

Unless our intellect

is used by us to stand out, to feel elite

to feed our ego?


the biggest thing I have been learning/unlearning recently in life

is that our body parts are not there to be pretty

they are not only external features or our decoration

they are there to function

to play their role

in our being, our existence as a whole.