While we were not paying attention

Life was just those little seconds we shared

accumulated and memorized.


nights of humanity

Well it hurt

in the soul and even in the body

I became so small I could not even let myself sleep.

Thoughts can hit you sometimes in the shape of a ruthless voice

mumbling but shouting at you

every little thing was pointed at me

waves and waves of regret and

just sadness.

It was a though night

reckless, humanistic and pure.

After all, I would never change it to anything, to any other kind of night perhaps

I would always choose, how it was chosen.

it took over

Nothing feels better than love

nothing takes that much space and would feel so light

at the same time

No eyes are more fascinating

than those bright eyes

of the one you love

No voice sounds better, softer, deeper

nothing more melodic..

No joy hits as high

as the laughs you share with love

no better laugh than the one coming with those tears in the eye

I know nothing

that ever felt better than love…

Dancing day

Passion does n’t know age

Passion does n’t know numbers

Passion is into the process, the way.

heavy wings sometimes

I only count on me

since I remember, I have mainly only counted on me.

It is about your life story, you know!

I have barely felt like a kid.


I left the motherland

because home made me feel prisoned.

I needed freedom

but above and beyond that

I left because I wanted to expand

I wanted my eyes to see wider than a little spot

I wanted to see if I can still feel words, if I speak another language

I did not come all this way to be a representative,

neither I aspire to make people have a beautiful image of Iran.

I am here because I want to be much bigger than that.

to be over that.