photographs are like daily notes they only get you when time has passed over them however much "instant" they are becoming, photos barely mean much instantly, not before events have turned to stories. they only reflect those places and those people when they are no longer exactly there, anymore.


sunshine at Wolfsburg

on my way to the south, thoughts ( pensamientos, however it is spelled) thoughts pass my mind one after another in the most random order like the fields pass these train or the train passes the fields. No! much messier than that I am too sleepy for such a beautiful early morning, mind tired of …

The hat bar

you are poor in the sense that you don't have much time your time is short so what you have to do is to once in a while give this thought a second that everyone "the crowd" is lost and wrong. and that you can't afford waiting.

Sunmer drama

Love is a soft thing but it has sharp edges It is a light feeling but it comes massive Love is so rare so unique so special but also common and also mainstream Love is all the good things we always had and yet something we never had. It is indeed, everything.

Social Media

as a description of ourselves we write about our positions in life about how we make a living what we are good at our status, -the founder -the producer -the freelancer -the professional photographer -the activist -the feminist -the blogger -the actor -the dancer -the brutally honest -the simply happy person -the where are the …