The Crown

Prince and princesses everywhere
robbing the crown from each other

dancing with it a little

till the end of the night

then the night is over
and the crown is gone
in a flash of light, their existence loses all the reasons.


The day

What are you waiting for
What day is it
For which you drag yourself over minutes
What is that day you are waiting for?

way to work

I took the train

stamped another short trip urban ticket

And came here again.

without a minute of doubt, or question.

like every other day
if not here, I did not know where else to go

so I took the train, on the right time, and a routin pill
here is where I was supposed to come.


Fear of missing out.

I asked Felipe what is that makes him worried about moving to states for such a short time?

FOMO they call it, he said: Fear of missing out.

I was not here anymore, I began thinking about all the things I might have missed out….


what is that struggle
when I have lines I want to break into them
and when I break into them I begin drawing lines.

The cleaning lady

“Artists are not ordinated, they are usually messy because they have other things in their heads.
Those who are super clean and organised, are primitive, without any strong interest.“

Thw apartment was a total mess the whole week, you could swimg in the mass of clothes, empty bottles, used tea bags, Patricks socks and books all around.

It is mind-calming when things are in order, but there is a mysterious pleasure in the mess I cant describe.

it has been a long day

You know that you are having a special day when every hour is taking longer than 60 minutes .You can feel it, and atomic watches cant convince you wrong about it.

However, I cant say the granted time, on a day longer than usual, made me not consume every minute of it.

It is one of those slow days at home, with a lot of comfortable silence.

everthing smells special.