grey hair

I look at myself in the mirror some grey hair then i see my own eyes shining like they have been scared of something and they are not anymore.


these days are not really my earth days I want to spend them somewhere on the moon saturn or maybe venus if not just sitting in this cafe corner hiding from people out there.

To people

Oh people How could you be all so sane all walk in a line everyday Wake up the same way Use words the right way How could you say things so right so clean Like it is the same theatre scene? How do you folks walk so straight So tidy in one direction Every single …


everytime I see her, after a long time of not thinking where I come from, I remeber, I am born through a butterfly.

The Crown

Prince and princesses everywhere robbing the crown from each other shining dancing with it a little till the end of the night then the night is over and the crown is gone in a flash of light, their existence loses all the reasons.

The day

What are you waiting for What day is it For which you drag yourself over minutes Days Weeks Years What is that day you are waiting for?

way to work

I took the train stamped another short trip urban ticket And came here again. without a minute of doubt, or question. like every other day if not here, I did not know where else to go so I took the train, on the right time, and a routin pill here is where I was supposed …