Saturday nights are overrated. I have written no message, seen no friend all weekend and isolated in my nest behind the trees. because I have been too kind for too long. Saturday nights are overrated to those who can hear their own echo. to those who reflect life twenty four seven. or those who have …



"mama! escúchame. que las colegias aquí en Alemaña son muy difíciles! nos hacen dormir dos veces por día y al final, no nos dan tanto de chocolate." she must be around five, looking all grumpy at her mom, expecting understanding. Its freezing cold, we are waiting for the train to come. people usually look grey …


I am still happy I dont have to go to school every day. wake up 5 in the morning in panic of missing the school bus, having to say hi to all those sleepy kids and the trusworthy driver who never said a word. feeling hated by 7 a.m already. injecting math pills into my …

grey hair

I look at myself in the mirror some grey hair then i see my own eyes shining like they have been scared of something and they are not anymore.


these days are not really my earth days I want to spend them somewhere on the moon saturn or maybe venus if not just sitting in this cafe corner hiding from people out there.

To people

Oh people How could you be all so sane all walk in a line everyday Wake up the same way Use words the right way How could you say things so right so clean Like it is the same theatre scene? How do you folks walk so straight So tidy in one direction Every single …


everytime I see her, after a long time of not thinking where I come from, I remeber, I am born through a butterfly.