you would look at it only your way



yes! wait, I don't know. Maybe. Listen I don't want to be spiritual today, I dont want to go deep rather scientific although you cant say it is the opposite I want to live the surface today show no empathy be direct I want to die my natural hair color again into another color but …


it is the pain within that brings you loneliness among even thousands of people even the dearest of people what throws you far from the crowd is the thickness of the lie it is the depth of what hurts what you can see but you don’t want to see what you know but you don’t …

plastic wings?

how fascinating is to watch humans wearing wingsuits and literally let their weight is this really flying? or a massive free fall? are they really flying? or they are just falling down but slower, softer and more fearless?


my job is to work with numbers my pain is that I have grown not to believe in numbers is n't this the biggest irony? making sense of digits justifying ilussions and therefor making a living

ماضی نقلی

من همه جا هر جا که بوده ام خسته شده ام اشک ریخته ام به ستوه آمده ام من هیچ جایی را بر نتابیده ام بی طاقت بوده‌ام و ته کشیده ام من پشت همهٔ این میز‌های مربع چوبی کم شده ام تحلیل رفته ام و کم کم فراری شده ام من همیشه فرار کرده …