Two days of silence

One for having nothing honest to say,

and the other for the audience seeking the false.

On the third day, I began to speak,

and it was all about duality.


Transiting to a new phase,


like a walking palm tree.

growing a branch

cutting a branch

stretching all the way up

yet, still, grounded


I love

dancing in wide open spaces

in big department stores

instead of casually walking,

I rather flow forward

and sometimes turn around

I find joy

in breaking the habitual

in being spantanous

and coherently random.

I find freedom

in facing my fear

in writing

in short sentences and simple words

in empathy.

The hat bar

you are poor

in the sense that you don’t have much time

your time is short

so what you have to do

is to once in a while

give this thought a second

that everyone

“the crowd”

is lost and wrong.

and that you can’t afford


Sunmer drama

Love is a soft thing

but it has sharp edges

It is a light feeling

but it comes massive

Love is so rare

so unique

so special

but also common

and also mainstream

Love is all the good things we always had

and yet something we never had.

It is indeed, everything.