candles in water manifestando with screams you could never hear. loud and unexpected. life changing things which never ever changed a life wet flames that could melt the whole alpes but all they did at the end, was giving taste to the medittereanian.



هجوم مي برم به تخت به پتوي سردم و زيرش وسط تاريكي كه ساخته ام خودم را از چشم دنياي خيلي واقعي قايم مي كنم از حرارت تن و نفس خودم گرم مي شوم و يادم مي آيد با غرور كه هيچ وقت از سرما نخواهم مرد دست كم تا وقتي كه زنده و گرمم.


I used to write in a language which only people could understand. they scared me... eversince I write and I always erase


یک چیز شبیه موجی پریشان درون من است که من را هل می دهد می کشاند به هر جایی که آن جا نیستم که من را همين طور  بی تاب می خواهد  با پریشانی ام انگار آرام تر می شود چیزی از جنس آب نه آب روان که بهانه ای برای قرارت باشد موج کوبنده …


some days you can light fire in your heart make it flame let it go through all you and play with water a little bit and it disturbs your nature when you seek the warmth anywhere outside of your chest


All those teachers Disappointed in you At least once a year Oh so disappointed in you Like you had promised them anything You left their straight path of expectations For a little step away So then now they cant know what you are They can be only disappointed in you.