Transiting to a new phase, smooth like a walking palm tree. growing a branch cutting a branch stretching all the way up yet, still, grounded


before going to sleep

barefoot in the hall of shame


I love dancing in wide open spaces in big department stores instead of casually walking, I rather flow forward and sometimes turn around I find joy in breaking the habitual in being spantanous and coherently random. I find freedom in facing my fear in writing in short sentences and simple words in empathy.

The hat bar

you are poor in the sense that you don't have much time your time is short so what you have to do is to once in a while give this thought a second that everyone "the crowd" is lost and wrong. and that you can't afford waiting.

Sunmer drama

Love is a soft thing but it has sharp edges It is a light feeling but it comes massive Love is so rare so unique so special but also common and also mainstream Love is all the good things we always had and yet something we never had. It is indeed, everything.


candles in water manifestando with screams you could never hear. loud and unexpected. life changing things which never ever changed a life wet flames that could melt the whole alpes but all they did at the end, was giving taste to the medittereanian.


هجوم مي برم به تخت به پتوي سردم و زيرش وسط تاريكي كه ساخته ام خودم را از چشم دنياي خيلي واقعي قايم مي كنم از حرارت تن و نفس خودم گرم مي شوم و يادم مي آيد با غرور كه هيچ وقت از سرما نخواهم مرد دست كم تا وقتي كه زنده و گرمم.