there is a difference

It is supposed to make others feel with you, surf your wave. It is not to feed your narcissism It is about that liberation of manifesting who you really are not to portrait you, the way you wished to be seen



The one who writes is a writer already at the moment she fills the papers. The one who tries to dance, is a dancer right after he moves to his rhythm and exhales we become all these, before they turn to job titles. even if the sound of an untrained voice does not please us, …

سنگين سري

ترس تمام خيابان ها را گرفته است حتي ايوان خانه ها را زنداني كرده دست و پاي آدم هارا گره خورده دهان ها را پر و گوش ها را بسته به حلق در يك مدار با يك سيم كهنه ي باريك ترس انگار عجين شده با وجود من و تو كلماتمان را بشنو فكرهايمان را …


He has been raised here shaped here under the same sky he has been sad he has been happy he has been dreaming he has walked in these streets hand in hand with his father among all German gentlemen all French ladies looking like a half Spanish baby he is a dreamer it is true …


photographs are like daily notes they only get you when time has passed over them however much "instant" they are becoming, photos barely mean much instantly, not before events have turned to stories. they only reflect those places and those people when they are no longer exactly there, anymore.

Social Media

as a description of ourselves we write about our positions in life about how we make a living what we are good at our status, -the founder -the producer -the freelancer -the professional photographer -the activist -the feminist -the blogger -the actor -the dancer -the brutally honest -the simply happy person -the where are the …


I hold my breath and I tame my eyes so they only stare at the most meaningless piece of metal in a random corner I am sweating of anxiety experiencing no love for humanity people look like they have been tortured for centuries and they are all sick of their own self heading to places …

A man with crystall thoughts

In a city with no hills his existence gives me perspective. his thoughts pass by and cleanse themselves not so often he shares them with me with refiend words he has been searching for over minutes i hear them, by the moment they reach my ears they sound like little crystal balls.