A year.

What a winter we passed.

I found a note on my phone calling my living room “the association of sick plants”.
The same living room where so much love was created and spread,
was then turned to a dark ground-floor hole filled with spider nets and the cigarettes.

And then the spring came and things were a little bit better.
The world messier than ever but still,
There was a lover and there were friends and laughter and trees in the garden.
There was music and somehow a little room to dream on.

Some of those sick plants died but then new ones were born,
thanks to some magic and care with my little drops of power,
little drops of life energy.

And you know, it is really fine!
Who wants to be green and happy all the time?
there is truth is darkness, and there is truth in death.

Then, June came and this big beautiful Benjamin tree invited itself to the same living room.
the very same dark hole, where love is created and spread.

You have got to be on the watch because June always brings fantastic stuff. always!

And now, September it is!
Septembers are full of Drama.
Days too warm and days too cold.

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