Social Media

as a description of ourselves

we write about our positions in life

about how we make a living

what we are good at

our status,

-the founder

-the producer

-the freelancer

-the professional photographer

-the activist

-the feminist

-the blogger

-the actor

-the dancer

-the brutally honest

-the simply happy person


where are the rest then?

if we are all here and all these,

where is the ignorant?

where are all the thieves? the liars?

where are all the sad people gone?

where is the one who does nothing?

the one who is just there, watching?

the one who hates her mom and just had a huge fight with whole family?

all of us with no job, no love, no interest?

where are all those people throwing tampons in the ocean?

the war lovers?

the ones with no friends and no birthday parties, not so grateful for having all in their life bla bla?

where is the rest of us hiding?

without a description?

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