people won’t believe you and me my love

people only believe those who have traveled to the Moon twice

pretentious compliments, purposed respects.

people don’t even mind us my love

they won’t even take time to understand.

they are in fast underground trains

pretending not seeing each other.

people are busy figuring out themselves

staring at their own pictures, counting likes

setting their monthly budgets.

people believe numbers my love

better than that, percentages, comparisons.

they donate, and they steal

and they feel proud and they feel ashamed.

people are in need my love.

they are walking towards what shines

glitters and sex and blood.

people are busy buying bad news my love

in the fear of losing their houses

their mothers

their cellphones.

seeking them you go lost

and you dissolve

and you integrate.

into the crowd

into the correct forms

and gestures

and beauty

into all they think they know

and you will never know my love.

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