“Know who you are” they say.


“Know who you are”
they say.
and I dont know who I am

probably I never knew.

I search for me
like a man in hunger
searching for food.
or he cant find it,
or he cant swollow it
and when he finds,
he remains a hungry man.


trying to find myself,
the frustrating absurd cycle
of defning myself
and proving it right,
has been a long path,
all those acceptances, rejections and defenses

I stop here.

pehaps matters more than this.
life must be beyond “me”. beyond “who I am”
it must be bigger, deeper, more important than
our bold strict lines.

because definitions give comfort
they are fragile
they expire
as we wake up everytime
and start a new day.
today I say
I dont know who I am 
I am whatever you see

I am your perception.

I look the way your eyes see me
my voice sounds the way you hear things.

I am just a reflection.

If we are friends
sitting infront of you
moving alongside your path
if we are strangers
just a passing by light.
and as I say this
it is being the most liberating moment
of self expression.
It frees me
and it frees you too.
is a full stop

on my way to find “myself”.

back and brown
from Barcelona

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