Post joy darkness

I can easily

break by you

my hardest bones

can turn into mold

I take your shape

Do you really want that?



Fear of

Following the crowd


Why are our intellectuals

so against and hateful about pop culture,

pop music, pop subjects or anything “mainstream”

If they really care about seeing the change in the world?

pop cultures has to be under our focus

we have to watch it, care about it, shape it.

It is going to tell our story as a whole generation to future.

Unless our intellect

is used by us to stand out, to feel elite

to feed our ego?


the biggest thing I have been learning/unlearning recently in life

is that our body parts are not there to be pretty

they are not only external features or our decoration

they are there to function

to play their role

in our being, our existence as a whole.

A life after

In whichever shape the world is

we have to stand for what we love

we have to stand for that thing that rocks our heart

makes it beat it like a vulnerable free bird

we have to sacrifice

we have to commit to ourselves

our story

What I have learnt?

that love worths waiting

that there is freedom in love

when it is real

it is liberating


but thoughtless.

Ukrainian band

Anything that touches me is Art to me

The mysterious mix of colors

the beauty you can’t figure out its components

any piece that triggers anger or discomfort

harsh rocky movements after a fluid dance

unexpected sounds moving your heart like a cello before you even know

melodies rushing right to your pelvis bones

my best friend walking different when putting on her new hat!

and words…

of course words and how they can sit together and change your mind.

Everything that is touching me is Art to me


Have you ever felt

like you really need to talk to someone

but you want to be alone

at the same time?

Probably yes

Probably that is why we write


Our stillness

is because

of the majority of our capable, bright people

sitting around watching, scrolling, criticizing, judging

the perfectionism in us

is what is making us so still and indifferent.