Transiting to a new phase, smooth like a walking palm tree. growing a branch cutting a branch stretching all the way up yet, still, grounded


there is a difference

It is supposed to make others feel with you, surf your wave. It is not to feed your narcissism It is about that liberation of manifesting who you really are not to portrait you, the way you wished to be seen


Today I want to walk different think different Today I want to weight nothing I want to try it only for a day I take no load let my head be full of empty spaces full of light random colors instead of things instead of mass Today I become my eyes my ears my legs …


The one who writes is a writer already at the moment she fills the papers. The one who tries to dance, is a dancer right after he moves to his rhythm and exhales we become all these, before they turn to job titles. even if the sound of an untrained voice does not please us, …


yes! wait, I don't know. Maybe. Listen I don't want to be spiritual today, I dont want to go deep rather scientific although you cant say it is the opposite I want to live the surface today show no empathy be direct I want to die my natural hair color again into another color but …

سنگين سري

ترس تمام خيابان ها را گرفته است حتي ايوان خانه ها را زنداني كرده دست و پاي آدم هارا گره خورده دهان ها را پر و گوش ها را بسته به حلق در يك مدار با يك سيم كهنه ي باريك ترس انگار عجين شده با وجود من و تو كلماتمان را بشنو فكرهايمان را …


He has been raised here shaped here under the same sky he has been sad he has been happy he has been dreaming he has walked in these streets hand in hand with his father among all German gentlemen all French ladies looking like a half Spanish baby he is a dreamer it is true …


I love dancing in wide open spaces in big department stores instead of casually walking, I rather flow forward and sometimes turn around I find joy in breaking the habitual in being spantanous and coherently random. I find freedom in facing my fear in writing in short sentences and simple words in empathy.