we all lie but some lie a little more a little bigger



I am in need of water and you are just so full of yourself.


it is the pain within that brings you loneliness among even thousands of people even the dearest of people what throws you far from the crowd is the thickness of the lie it is the depth of what hurts what you can see but you don’t want to see what you know but you don’t …

atlántic beside me

He is blue light blue transparent so clear he comes slow goes slow weightless humble charming brown eyes most of the time in a blue shirt. he is the azul clarito sometimes from the mediterranean sometimes from the atlantic

something around our heads

you are bitter and I know all you need is love but your ego hits me in the face in the chest it makes me tired it makes me want to go to sleep. I am not sorry because this is not about any of you but all of you about all of us.


من اينجا نيستم حتي سنگين ترين تكه هايم را با خود برده ام حتي نوك انگشتانم را خيلي وقتها مي شود كه دروغ مي بافم جواب سربالا مي دهم به همه خشكي و درست كاري دور و برم تا از واقعيت در امان باشم عاشق فرار كردن و ناپديد شدنم هر جا كه پاي عشقي …

دو نيمه شب

از خواب مي پرم رويابافي كرده ام چيزهايي را كه مي ترساندم غريبه اي كه در را باز مي كند عشقي كه از دست رفته گم شدن هيچ چيز را برابر و حتي نزديك به خواب دوست نداشته ام اما شب هايي هم هست كه بيدارى آرام ترم مي كند و واقعيت از همه ي …