Dancing day

Passion does n’t know age

Passion does n’t know numbers

Passion is into the process, the way.



It is not about ‘Germans’

It is about how we all are in Germany.

about us being here.

heavy wings sometimes

I only count on me

since I remember, I have mainly only counted on me.

It is about your life story, you know!

I have barely felt like a kid.


I left the motherland

because home made me feel prisoned.

I needed freedom

but above and beyond that

I left because I wanted to expand

I wanted my eyes to see wider than a little spot

I wanted to see if I can still feel words, if I speak another language

I did not come all this way to be a representative,

neither I aspire to make people have a beautiful image of Iran.

I am here because I want to be much bigger than that.

to be over that.


درد زنانگي

از مركزم پخش مي شود

مي رسد به مغزم

به چشم هايم

و چيزهاي مهم برايم بي معني مي شود

مهربان نيستم

اما درد آدم ها را مي فهمم


حتي از درد زنانگي هم شكايتي ندارم.


people get annoyed

by every random thing

but not the things

that are actually deeply annoying


Why do we always want to be

so proud of ourselves?

and in defense of everything related to us?

5 a.m

so much later than midnight

waking up of the weight and sweat of a messy dream

and then the brain drain…

there are times like this, later than midnights, when life sounds nothing but a short term to do list.

a broken one, the one in which you are just always behind yourself, and you have done it all grey and wrong.

the spiral to do list, giving the illusion of a path.

I hurt myself, without even bleeding

I hurt myself at the deepest places.